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John speaking to the Beverly Hills Bar Association about Private Investigators and Family Law

With attorney friend Ron Litz at Beverly Hills Bar Association dinner, where John was the featured speaker.

John being interviewed for the French tv magazine "66 Minutes," the French version of our "60 Minutes."   Why the extra 6 minutes?   Je ne sais pas!

At the "Night of 100 Stars" Oscar bash...

With client Pauley Perrette, star of NCIS

with beautiful Michelle Phillips

Mr. Mission Impossible, Martin Landau!

John is featured in the cover story of California Lawyer magazine, "The Pellicano Effect."

"He's No Angel, He's a Private Investigator"
Los Angeles Times front page Column One profile of John Nazarian
June 13, 2006

Nazarian has been cast in a new movie, "Fracture," starring Anthony Hopkins and David Strathairn. John is playing a private detective, a role he knows something about!

With Sir Anthony Hopkins.

With "Fracture" director Greg Hoblit.

John Nazarian has been covering the Anthony Pellicano trial...always good for a pithy quote, John has been interviewed by many publications for his insights into the world of private investigators.

John is featured in a new book called "Faces of Sunset Boulevard" by photographer Patrick Ecclesine.

Nazarian has been interviewed by Dan Rather, Connie Chung, 20/20, Inside Edition, Dateline, and most recently Extra.

Click on file below to view John's appearance on Extra

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Click on file below to view a clip from John's appearance on Dateline

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John is hosting a new show for the Discovery Channel called "American P.I."  The first episode, The Case of O.J. Simpson, premieres Saturday, Nov. 13 at 10PM.  The Son of Sam episode will air on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 10PM, and again at 1AM for you nightowls.


View the show open of "American P.I."

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With Manson Family ace prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi...if he'd been on the case, OJ wouldn't be playing golf today

Can I write off my Bentley now that we used it in the show?

At Nicole Brown-Simpson's Brentwood condo with former LAPD Detective Tom Lange and director Jim Lindsay

What OJ story would be complete without the infamous white Bronco?

John with Navy Seals on a "greenscreen" set for a virtual reality recreation of the Nicole Brown-Simpson/Ron Goldman murder scene

John in New York shooting at one of the Son of Sam murder locations